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I would be honored to receive your vote to continue to serve as New Canaan’s Town Clerk. Please join me at the Republican Caucus on July 25th at 6:00pm at Saxe Middle School.



The Role of the Town Clerk
& Registrar of Vital Statistics

Last year my team and I collected more than $15 million in fees for services rendered and taxes collected, up considerably from the normal $5 – 7 million handled in non-covid years. As Town Clerk, I wear many hats. I serve as an executive officer of our municipality, Registrar of Vital Statistics, recorder of deeds, a chief election official, records Manager, FOIA and campaign finance guide, issuer of permits and licenses, and I report to many state offices and agencies who oversee everything we do.

I was elected to manage, protect, and preserve records and information for the current population, as well as for future generations. While the challenges for a Town Clerk are constant, understanding the complexities of ongoing unfunded state mandates and keeping up with a culture where instant access to information, is essential.

I am passionate about protecting people’s private information as best I can within the confines of FOIA. 


At the end of the day, it’s not just about managing records. There is also a human element to what I do. People come to the Town Clerk’s office at different points in their life seeking help and information. My office is often open beyond normal business hours to help any resident in need.


I believe in serving with kindness, and that listening is important. Impartiality is imperative. Flexibility, diplomacy, conflict-resolution and problem-solving skills are often needed. Beyond a depth of experience and knowledge, these are the attributes I bring to the office of the Town Clerk.

  Claudia Weber


Progress for New Canaan 

Town Clerks tend to serve over many decades because the learning curve is so great. Claudia has been in office for 26 years as the Town Clerk, 3 years as the Republican Registrar of voters prior to that, and is proud of her many accomplishments and advancements. She has taken the office from six typewriters and one computer into the 21st century – adopting technology to increase efficiencies while ​protecting confidential information and providing ready access to records. A select list of accomplishments appear below:

Record Retention, Conservation, and Preservation

  • Initiated, received, and implemented a State Grant to conduct the Town of New Canaan’s first Preservation and Conservation Survey

  • Initiated and received State Grants for the cost of digitizing land record survey maps and numerous grants for Archival supplies, equipment, and fixtures

  • Restored dozens of irreplaceable, historic public records and books dating back to the 1800s to preserve for the Town’s permanent archival collection.

Technology within Guidelines and Restrictions of State Statute and Policy

  • Researched and implemented computerized systems guiding the office through several upgrades of the land records management system – and launched the first online access to our indices after completing a back scanning project dating back to 1960. 

  • Streamlined the recording process and installed an electronic fee receipt system.

  • Microfilming and digitizing historic, vital records, and irreplaceable records

  • All land survey and condominium maps have been both scanned and microfilmed

  • Introduced online dog licensing and added Venmo and PayPal as payment options

  • Introduced “Property Check” to help protect residents from potential property and mortgage fraud.


Systems and Facilities Management

  • Managing a fiscally prudent office that last year collected and generated more than $15 million in fees and services and collection of conveyance taxes for the State

  • Managed the relocation of the entire six-person office and the Town’s archival records several times

  • Assessed and implemented new state-of-the-art systems and software

  • Executed flood and disaster preparedness

  • Created the Town’s first Record Management Program and chairs its Record Committee Management 

Election Implementation and Electoral Oversight

  • Supervised 26 years of the absentee ballot process and all referenda

  • Successfully managed over two dozen elections 

  • Administered new state election laws involving the absentee ballots process

  • Compliance with federal, state, and local mandates, including FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)

  • Flawlessly managed and oversaw the Absentee ballot process through COVID

  • Vital Records

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